Virtual Diner with the Crew

On July 14th, NASA is inviting mission followers to enjoy a virtual “All-American Meal” with the Crew of STS-135.  NASA is even revealing its brisket rub recipe –what some southerners would consider scandalous — so you and your family can get a “taste of space” at home!

NASA astronauts Doug Hurley (left), STS-135 pilot, and Mike Fossum, Expedition 28 flight engineer

NASA astronauts Doug Hurley (left), STS-135 pilot, and Mike Fossum, Expedition 28 flight engineer, are pictured onboard the International Space Station not long after the docking of the space shuttle Atlantis and the station during the mission's third day in space. Fossum displays a smile as he holds a bag of fruit and other items which was brought up by the shuttle crew. Photo credit: NASA

Home chefs around the globe have been invited to download the meal’s “formulations” (recipes), prepare the meal at home and enjoy it with the crew on the 5th flight day of this historic final voyage.For those of you playing along at home, you may want to skip the thermostabilizing and dehydrating steps.

And now… the secret Brisket Rub Recipe


Beef Brisket, Barbecued, Sliced

Dry Rub

Ingredients Percent by weight

Salt  29.51

Sugar granulated   23.61

Brown sugar, lightly packed  17.71

Chili powder   5.90

Paprika   5.90

Celery salt    4.43

Ground oregano   3.54

Ground white pepper   2.95

Garlic powder   2.21

Ground black pepper   1.48

Cumin   1.48

Dry mustard   0.79

Cayenne pepper   0.49



Trim beef brisket of fat and rub dry rub mixture into the meat surface (Dry Rub shall be at least 8 grams per pound of raw brisket).  Wrap the brisket in plastic wrap or suitable material and hold at 40°F (4°C) overnight.

Cook briskets in a regular oven set at 235°F (113°C), baste after 3 hours with barbecue sauce.

Cook another two hours until internal temperature is 175-180°F (79-82°C) baste with barbecue sauce and let sit in the oven for one more hour.

The brisket shall be sliced on a meat slicer set at 1/8 inch (3.0 mm).  Serve 2.8 to 3.5 oz (80-100g) of sliced brisket with add one ounce (30 g) of hickory smoke flavored barbecue sauce.

› Watch a video about NASA’s food lab


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