Toyota Prius: First Car in Space!

Monopoly Toyota Prius

We all know the Toyota Prius gets great gas mileage, but how about traveling six million miles without a single pit stop? That’s just what the Prius did when it voyaged 217 miles vertically and endured six million miles in orbit aboard the International Space Station. Well, the Monopoly Toyota Prius game token that is! To celebrate America’s vote to have Johnson Space Center on the new Monopoly Here and Now Edition game board, JSC and Space Center Houston arranged for the Prius, along with other traveling Monopoly tokens, to fly on the Space Shuttle Atlantis and boldly go where no game piece has gone before. So what did we do with the Monopoly space-flown Prius? We gave it to Toyota of course! Space Center Houston President Richard Allen and Marketing Director Roger Bornstein presented the priceless Prius to Toyota President Jim Lentz and other executives on Earth Day in Los Angeles. The Toyota team was thrilled with the now prized possession and will display it for all their employees in a Museum located at Toyota headquarters in California.

P.S. Be on the lookout for the Monopoly covered Prius on display at Space Center Houston soon!

(Photo: Johnson Space Center as seen on Monopoly Here and Now Edition Game)

Johnson Space Center on

Watch the video below from the Monopoly Here and Now Edition unveiling in New York, starring our very own SCH President Richard Allen!!