The Green Generation

Space Center Houston celebrates the 40th anniversary of Earth Day

From the vantage point of space, we have gained an unprecedented amount of information about our home planet.  With this information, NASA has developed incredible technologies that have gone a long way towards reducing the carbon footprint for both industries and individuals.

Learn more about NASA’s contributions to the health of our home planet and enjoy a fun filled celebration at Space Center Houston’s “The Green Generation” event on April 22nd.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle with RAD Rhonda!

Shows times:  11am, 12 & 1pm.

Stop by this extreme science lab to learn why we should recycle and how a little effort on our part can go a long way for the ecosystem.

Hands-on Activities from 10am – 1pm

Build a Pinwheel – Build and take home this classic toy while learning about the basics of wind energy!

Water Cycle Maze – Live the life of water as you make your way through this educational physical challenge.

Windmill Design Challenge – Build and test different windmill designs and learn how NASA’s research into wind technology has made amazing advancements in the field.

Solar Beads – Who would have thought that solar technology would lead to high fashion?  Build and take home your own photo-reactive jewelry as you learn how NASA uses the sun to power the International space station.

Air Plants – Build and keep a pet plant that bubbles off oxygen as it undergoes photosynthesis.  Learn about this critical process that enables our ecosystem to draw strength from the sun when make a photosynthesis chamber!

Learn more about NASA’s impact on green technology at the following links: