STS-132 Launch At Space Center Houston

On launch days there is electricity in the air at Space Center Houston. As we near the end of the shuttle era, each launch feels more dramatic and exciting than the last. There are now only two opportunities left to watch a shuttle take flight before the end of an era. The two best places to watch a shuttle launch is from Kennedy Space Center and Space Center Houston!
Today at Space Center the building was swarmed with school kids, space enthusiast and media. All of whom come together to watch history unfold. Every screen at Space Center (including the five story tall Northrop Grumman Theater screen) is festooned with live images of mission control and the shuttle waiting patiently on the launch pad. At T-0, it is hard to say what is more powerful, the blazing solid rocket boosters or the boisterous cheers inside the center. Check out the video from today’s launch of STS-132. Special thanks to our Mission Briefing Officer Gabe for his terrific commentary of the launch today!

The next shuttle launch is currently slated for September 16th, 2010.  Learn more about the mission at

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