"Star Wars" Mania

While we’re on the subject of flying things in space, lets go back a few months and rekindle a story that made headlines around the world. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the iconic “Star Wars” film, Space Center Houston officials thought it would be a brilliant idea to fly the original Luke Skywalker Jedi lightsaber into space. So, they called up George Lucas, and he agreed! Mr. Lucas watched the lightsaber prop make its way into history as he viewed the Space Shuttle Discovery launch from Kennedy Space Center last October. After the Astronauts completed their heroic mission, and safely returned home, the space-flown lightsaber was displayed at Space Center Houston. “Star Wars” fans hit the jackpot and came from all over the country to see the famed movie prop. Watch the mayhem below as the lightsaber arrives in Houston, carried by none other than Space Center Houston’s marketing director Roger Bornstein, along with a few “Star Wars” favorites!

Now watch the STS 120 crew and Space Shuttle Discovery launch, with the lightsaber in-tow!

Question: Did you see the LightSaber exhibit at SCH? What did you think?