Space University


Ever dreamed of being an astronaut? Have you wondered what it feels like to be in Zero G? Do you want to engineer your own robotic rover and blast off a rocket from a real launch pad? Well, then Space University is the ticket for you! Come behind the scenes and get a taste of the real thing! SpaceU is a week long immersive, STEM rich learning experience that teaches not only about space exploration, but about traveling to and sustaining life upon a distant planet. Where better to train like an astronaut than in the very heart of where it all began? You will learn about rocket science, have direct interaction with real NASA experts and even brunch with an astronaut! Tour actual facilities where today’s astronauts and scientists work. Visit Mission Control and Rocket Park as well as our museum venue. At the end of the week, receive an Official SpaceU Graduation Certificate. Your adventure awaits!

Should you chose to accept the mission, our SpaceU camp at Space Center Houston is for participants ages 13 and up. We meet NGS and TEKS standards. The program stresses teamwork, critical thinking, fast- paced problem solving, and real life NASA engineering skills. You will compete to be the best team. You will push your boundaries and expand your horizons.



Our mission is to engage students in critical thinking, creativity, fiscal responsibility, successful teamwork and to inspire scientific inquiry.


Space University is a week long program offered year round, Monday through Friday. Each day runs from 8:30am –4:30pm (times subject to change). We schedule each individual Space University on a first come first serve basis. Space is limited, so call or email to check availability and to register now!


Groups with 20 or more students

Program fee: $525.00*
Includes: admission, supplies, staff and lunch

All inclusive program fee: $885.00*
Includes: admission, supplies, staff, lunch, 6 nights in a hotel, breakfast and graduation

Groups with less than 20 students

Program fee: $615.00*
Includes: admission, supplies, staff and lunch

All inclusive program fee: $950.00*
Includes: admission, supplies, staff, lunch, 6 nights in a hotel, breakfast and graduation

*A $300 non-refundable administrative fee is required to secure your group’s requested date.


Contact Reservations at (281) 283-4755 or
Fill out registration form and email to: to register.

Group age and size

• Groups of at least 10-20 students is recommended to allow for an effective team dynamic.
• To open the event, there must be a minimum of 10 participants for groups. Groups of less than 10 will pay the minimum (See payment information).
• The maximum for each event is 70.
• A minimum of 1:15 chaperone to student ratio is required for the program.

Activity details

NASA Tram Tour
Go behind-the-scenes on a customized tour of NASA’s Johnson Space Center led by Space University instructors. Stops include International Space Station (ISS) Mission Control, Historic Apollo Era Mission Control, Rocket Park, the Neutral Buoyancy Lab (NASA’s underwater training facility) and more.

Thermal Design
Learn to think outside-the-box like a NASA engineer to design a thermal tile to protect the mock astronaut from extreme cold and heat conditions. The less damage done, the more successful their mission.

Rocket Design & Build
Step into the shoes of a NASA rocket scientist by building a two-stage model rocket including a payload which will be launched from a test site located on the grounds of NASA’s Johnson Space Center on the final day of camp.

Capering Chairs Pre-mission Challenge
Students are given a mental challenge as they await their turn for a simulated microgravity experience. In Cognition 52, students will have fun testing their memory and ability to focus in extreme conditions.

Capering Chairs
Experience the sensation of micro-gravity while performing a simulated Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA) space-walk using state of the art gravity chairs. Students will face mental and physical agility challenges while wearing bulky gloves as they attempt to assemble a space tool using only audible directions received from “Mission Control.” Just like real astronauts, participants must be prepared for the unexpected if they hope to complete the assigned task.

Discover how to extract DNA and evaluate samples to determine if there is evidence of life on Mars using microscopy. Apply these skills to Regolith and other “collected” Mars samples to identify extremophiles (primordial life forms). As a fun bonus, students can make a DNA necklaces from their own cheek cells to take home.

Vex Robotics Design / Robotics Rover Build
Explore the wonders of advanced robotics design and put those lessons to the test as students construct a robotic rover which they will test drive on our Mars Yard and compete with other teams in a series of Mars obstacle course challenges.

Scuba – Neutral Buoyancy EVA Challenge
Learn basic scuba safety in preparation for an underwater agility challenge that recreates an EVA. Teams must work together to construct an air-lock hatch under water using only non-verbal communication. Participants must then successfully swim through the hatch and gather rock samples from the mock asteroid.

Brunch with an Astronaut
As the week comes to an end, participants will enjoy a private brunch with an astronaut which includes an open Q & A session. Guests will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ask the astronaut whatever they want! There is also a group picture and each student gets a personalized autographed lithograph from the astronaut.

Graduation Ceremony
In celebration of the completion of the weeklong experience, participants receive a certificate of completion at a special graduation ceremony.

Frequently asked questions

Former and Current Space University Participants:

United Arab Emirates
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Graduation ceremony

Graduation and Brunch takes place on Friday in our Club while overlooking Space Center Houston or in our Starship Gallery under the stars and among historic artifacts.

For more information, please call 281-283-4755. You can also send an email to: