Salute Our Troops at Space Center Houston

November 13th is ”Salute Our Troops Day” at Space Center Houston! Support the troops by donating a comfort item and recive 50% off admission.  The Texas National Guard will host amazing activities and vehicle displays throughout the day.

Vehicles include:

  • Armored Troop Carrier
  • Apache Helicopter
  • Navy Seal Desert Strike Vehicle
  • And MORE!

Don’t miss the Apache’s dramatic departure at 4pm! Get there early so you can witness the amazing power of a vertical takeoff!  Special guests speakers will include Tim Kennedy (mixed martial arts Superstar and green beret) and Astronaut Col. Lee Archambault.

Tim Kennedy invites you to Salute Our Troops on Nov 13th at Space Center Houston.

You and your family can whip into shape –army style– with drill sergeant demonstrations and a challenge obstacle course. Bring a comfort item for our troops overseas you will receive HALF-OFF regular admission, see below for suggested items.

Join our proud service members and their families as we thank them with this special event.

Download the suggestion list and 50% off coupon at: