NASA's Destination: Station

Welcome aboard NASA’s Destination: Station!

Experience the next “giant leap” for humanity as astronauts explore life, physics and Earth science from the vantage point of space.  Developed and built by NASA, this multi-media exhibit will immerse you in the amazing story of the space station’s development.  Witness how five international space agencies, representing 15 different countries, came together to develop the world’s largest space station.  Through hands on activities and rich, audio visual environments, you will see how research on the ISS is laying the groundwork for future exploration and improving life on Earth.

Step aboard today and experience the technology of tomorrow!

Dates: Open Now till Sept 5th, 2011 at Space Center Houston

Continue your day on the ISS with a light hearted look at life in microgravity in our “Living in Space” live stage show.  Our knowledgeable Mission Briefing Officer will take brave recruits up to the ISS to look at how the astronaut’s eat, sleep –and of course– go to the bathroom in space!