Houston still holds a space party, shuttle loss aside

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05.13.11 | 12:21 pm

Space Center Houston, which usually focuses on outer space, soared into the inner sanctum of Houston society Thursday with a “friendraiser” at the River Oaks home of Kim and Dan Tutcher.  Space Center Houston characters welcomed the crowd of more than 250 while real-life astronauts and a host of notables schmoozed over fine wine tastings and servings of hors d’oeuvres.

Board member Pat Cunningham hosted the event that was originally intended to double as a celebration of NASA’s receipt of one of the retiring space shuttles. But we know what happened with that. So instead, the evening focused on the educational programs that the non-profit has been emphasizing in recent years. Since doors opened in 1992, Space Center Houston has welcomed 13 million visitors, provided educational programs for 70,000 teachers and classes for 50,000 Houston area teachers.

Joining Cunningham in delivering the soft-sell on the space center was former space shuttle commander Dick Richards, who completed four shuttle missions. Ellen Ochoa, three-time mission payload specialist, mingled in the crowd as well.

Wine enthusiast Franelle Rogers helped line up a superb group of wines for tasting tables that were scattered throughout the expansive home.

Soaking up the Space Center Houston message were guests includingAlice and Keith Mosing, Kay and Ned Holmes, Clayton and Shel Erikson, John Poindexter, Joann and Bill Crassas, Robert Sakowitz, Rosi and Jorge Hernandez, Susan and Norm Spalding, Beth Wolff, Melissa and Bill King and Shelley and David Reeves.

Making sure that no one missed the message, Sovereign Service valet parkers wore the traditional sky blue astronaut jumpsuits provided by Space Center Houston as did Kim Tutcher, whose jumpsuit was personalized with her name.

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