Group Lunch Options


Do we hear your stomach growling? Put your mind, and stomach, at ease by adding a delicious satisfying lunch option to your group admission ticket purchase for a discounted price of just $8.95 each for a Value Meal or $10.00 each for a Super Meal.

Order the meal tickets for your group by calling 281-283-4755. Then just show up, explore, and eat! It’s that easy!

Super Meal Option: $10.00

The Super Meal option is good at any one station in our Zero G diner and a fountain drink.

Value Meal Options: $8.95


HAMBURGER OR CHEESEBURGER AND FRIES: A hot juicy 100% Angus beef burger on a soft buttery bun complete with fresh fixins and crisp golden French fries. Yum!

TURKEY BURGER AND FRIES: A lean turkey burger grilled to perfection with fresh fixins on a soft buttery bun. Oh yeah, and those crispy golden fries too!

JUMBO HOT DOG AND FRIES: An American classic with grown up taste! A savory adult sized grilled hot dog with your choice of toppings paired with crisp golden French fries.

CHICKEN TENDERS AND FRIES: Large all white meat chicken tenders tossed in our special batter and fried golden brown and delicious, sitting aside those hot crispy fries!

2 SLICES OF PIZZA: Your choice of 2 jumbo slices of pizza loaded with pepperoni or cheese and marinara sauce… Mama Mia!

Drinks: Don’t forget to wash down your tasty meal with an icy cold refreshing Pepsi, soft drink or iced tea. It’s included!