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Looking for a professional development for your school or district?

Space Center Houston provides professional experiences that focus on well designed curriculum, assessment and instruction.

Space Exploration Educators Conference (SEEC)

An out-of-this-world professional development experience! Join us for a three-day conference with sessions from rocket scientists, astronauts and classroom educators. Find out how to ignite the minds of your students with space-based units for all subjects!

The Great Connection

Is the mind superior to the body? How do you measure at the end of the day that your students understand and that you have done a good job? To what extent do we go or should we go to identify with our students? Addressing these questions and others can serve as powerful tools to build upon as we take a step toward looking at ourselves, our profession and our impact on the students we teach.  This professional development will also present inspiring new motivating hands-on activities and strategies that can immediately be used in the classroom.

Johnson Space Center Educator Resource Center

Looking for STEM support materials with a space twist? Check us out! Materials in our Educator Resource Center are filled with innovative, unique and stimulating lessons covering a wide range of classroom subjects.

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