Space University FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Space University

Q: How many students can I bring to Space University and what is the age limit?
A: We ask that a single class have a minimum of 20 students and a maximum of 30 students. Because we have limitations on the locations we can hold Space University, we can only run two classes per week. If you would like to bring two classes (and we have availability), you can bring up to 60 students. The age limit for Space University is 12-18 years of age.

Q: If I have 40 students do I have to reduce the number to 30 students?
A: If I have enough room availability we can divide the 40 students into 2 groups of 20 each. We would need at least 1 Chaperone in each group

Q: Do chaperones and tour company representatives need to pay?
A: Yes, all students, chaperones and representatives must pay before entering the building. However, we do allow one company representative to attend free of charge.

Q: How many Chaperones or adults must we bring with the group?
A: We need a ratio of 1:15 adults to students

Q: What role do the Chaperones have with the group while at Space Center Houston?
A: The Chaperones are to support the Instructors with disciplinary actions. There must always be at least 1 Chaperone/Adult in the room while the class is in session

Q: Does the Space University have dormitories or lodging for the students?
A: At this time we have no dormitories for the students or Chaperones/Adults. Lodging will be the responsibility of the groups. Space University does have an all inclusive price that does include a hotel (Courtyard by Marriott) across the street from NASA.

Q: Does the Space University offer transportation?
A: Space University only provides transportation to Johnson Space Center on tours and to building locations. Transportation to and from airports, Neutral Buoyancy Lab/Dive Session and the groups hotel will be the responsibility of the group.

Q: Are meals included in the program?
A: Lunch is provided each day of the Space University at the Zero-G Diner. The all inclusive hotel package includes a hot breakfast at the hotel as well as a graduation banquet. There are many restaurants in the area that cater to a wide range of culinary interests.

Q: Are their vegetarian options?
A: The Zero G Diner does offer several vegetarian options
(Cheese pizza, salads, and meatless sandwiches)

Q: When is the final payment due?
A: The entire payment and total number of participants are due three weeks before your visit. SCH reserves the right to cancel any reservation if a final payment is not received within three weeks prior to visit.

Q: What forms of payment are accepted?
A: We accept all major credit cards, money orders, and wire transfers. Space Center Houston does not pay for any transfer fees. The fees are the responsibility of the group.

Q: Do you accept pay on arrival?
A: Unfortunately, we do not accept pay on arrivals. All payments need to be made before your group’s arrival to ensure that each person has a ticket.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?
A: No refunds will be issued after 3 weeks prior to your visit. Food, staff, and materials are determined based on the number of participants given three weeks before your visit. For this reason, refunding partial or full payment is not possible.

Q: Do you provide an invitation letter for student and adult visa requests?
A: We can provide an invitation letter as long as we obtain a list of participants and a location of where the visas are being processed. (Consulate, Embassy)
We will email the letter to the group coordinator.