Space University


Ever dreamed of being an astronaut? Have you wondered what it feels like to be in Zero G? Do you want to engineer your own robotic rover and blast off a rocket from a real launch pad? Well, then Space University is the ticket for you! Come behind the scenes and get a taste of the real thing! SpaceU is a week long immersive, STEM rich learning experience that teaches not only about space exploration, but about traveling to and sustaining life upon a distant planet. Where better to train like an astronaut than in the very heart of where it all began? You will learn about rocket science, have direct interaction with real NASA experts and even brunch with an astronaut! Tour actual facilities where today’s astronauts and scientists work. Visit Mission Control and Rocket Park as well as our museum venue. At the end of the week, receive an Official SpaceU Graduation Certificate. Your adventure awaits!

Should you chose to accept the mission, our SpaceU camp at Space Center Houston is for participants ages 13 and up. We meet NGS and TEKS standards. The program stresses teamwork, critical thinking, fast- paced problem solving, and real life NASA engineering skills. You will compete to be the best team. You will push your boundaries and expand your horizons.



Our mission is to engage students in critical thinking, creativity, fiscal responsibility, successful teamwork and to inspire scientific inquiry.


Space University is a week long program offered year round, Monday through Friday. Each day runs from 8:30am –4:30pm (times subject to change). We schedule each individual Space University on a first come first serve basis. Space is limited, so call or email to check availability and to register now!


Groups with 20 or more students

Program fee: $525.00*
Includes: admission, supplies, staff and lunch

All inclusive program fee: $885.00*
Includes: admission, supplies, staff, lunch, 6 nights in a hotel, breakfast and graduation

Groups with less than 20 students

Program fee: $615.00*
Includes: admission, supplies, staff and lunch

All inclusive program fee: $950.00*
Includes: admission, supplies, staff, lunch, 6 nights in a hotel, breakfast and graduation

*A $300 non-refundable administrative fee is required to secure your group’s requested date.


Contact Reservations at (281) 283-4755 or
Fill out registration form and email to: to register.

Group age and size

• Groups of at least 10-20 students is recommended to allow for an effective team dynamic.
• To open the event, there must be a minimum of 10 participants for groups. Groups of less than 10 will pay the minimum (See payment information).
• The maximum for each event is 70.
• A minimum of 1:15 chaperone to student ratio is required for the program.

Activity details

Space Trekking …Getting There

Rockets Red Glare
Participants will engineer, build and launch a single stage rocket. Launching may vary based on weather conditions.

Roving Robotics
Students must decide how to create a robotic rover based on a given a set of parameters and tasks that the rovers must accomplish on Mars. They begin with a price list for supplies and then receive varying real world criteria to design, build and test their rovers.

Astronauts Life…Living There

Gravity Gyrations
Scuba diving leads off this exciting leg of the Space University experience. Zero-G training includes an exciting scuba diving session with a licensed NASA diver. Also visit the actual Neutral Buoyancy Lab that astronauts train in! Construct a habitat or perform essential tasks during this complete underwater training exercise.

Capering Chairs
Participants will use the gravity chair to experience the effects of 1/3 gravity upon physical and mental agility in the human body.

ISS and Beyond
What’s it like living in space? How do astronauts get enough clean water and air? What happens if something goes wrong? Are there alternate sources of energy? How do astronauts communicate and work with people from
different cultures? Students will participate in SIM scenarios, build their own functioning habitat that sustains core areas of life while maintaining cultural and global awareness. Students will create a water filtration system, a renewable energy source and harvest their own oxygen via water electrolysis.

It’s Not Rocket Science…Oh, Wait, yes it is!
NASA Exclusives: Behind the Scenes

Reality Tours
Students are given the opportunity to see the real NASA in action. Several tours are given of NASA’s Johnson Space Center highlighting both Mars and project-related themes. You could view historic Mission Control Centers and the Space Station Mock-up Facility including life-size models of the International Space Station. See rockets up-close that were used in the early space program. T ake a selfie beneath the historic Boeing 747 Shuttle Aircraft Carrier of the space shuttle. See thermal shields up close on the Independence underbelly.

Expert Chat
Hear presentations by NASA personnel who are really making space exploration happen. Have a unique and exclusive chance to ask questions of a scientist in the field. Topics can include Space Exploration, Engineers Without Borders, Rocket Propulsion, Mission Control, the International Space Station, the Space Shuttle, Robotics, Space Suit Design, Space Habitats and Space Physiology. NASA believes it is limited only by its imagination….come dream with us!

Frequently asked questions

Former and Current Space University Participants:

United Arab Emirates
United States

Graduation ceremony

Graduation and Brunch takes place on Friday in our Saturn Club while overlooking Space Center Houston or in our Starship Gallery under the stars and among historic artifacts.

For more information, please call 281-283-4755. You can also send an email to: