The Cub Scout Camp-Ins for Webelos and Bears allow scouts to conduct stellar hands on activities for the Webelos Earth Rocks Adventure and Bears Robotics Adventure.

WEBELOS: Complete essential requirements to help earn your Earth Rocks Adventure by exploring not just our Earth but the moon and the planet Mars as well!

  • Mars Geologic Expedition: Become a Mars field geologist and explore Martian terrain to see what type of rocks and minerals are found on the red planet.
  • Lunar Vault Tour and Moon Rock Creation: Change your perspective and study geology on the moon! Find out what the moon is made of and examine real moon rock samples.
  • Solving A Geological Mystery – You Become the Scientist!: Use the Scientific Method to investigate and solve a real life geological mystery that occurs in one of the most desolate and extreme environments in the world – Death Valley.

BEARS: Complete essential requirements to help earn your Robotics Adventure.

  • Robotic Hand Competition: Build and use a real robotic hand to complete several tasks and learn about different types of robots and how useful they can be.
  • Design Your Own Robot: Design and build a robot that can make your own life easier, from cleaning your room to walking your dog or even cooking dinner!
  • Range Rovers: NASA has sent many rovers to Mars – now it’s your turn! Learn how to program your own rover to explore the Martian terrain.

$55 Scout
$25 Adult within 1:4 ratio
$55 Adults over 1:4 ratio

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Strikethrough denotes full camp

2015 DATES:

Sept. 12; Oct. 24; Nov. 21

2016 DATES

Jan. 22; Feb. 19; March 12; April 23; May 20; June 25; July 30; Aug. 13; Sept. 10; Oct. 8; Nov. 19; Dec. 9

Note: You may be added to a waiting list for Full Camps by calling 281-283-4755.

Start Time (all dates): Check-in begins at 5:00 p.m. Program starts at 6:00 p.m. (SHARP)

End Time: Next day at 8:45 a.m. At this time you may depart Space Center Houston or take the tram tour to NASA and continue to visit Space Center Houston for the day.

For more information, please call 281-283-4755. You can also send an email to: reservations@spacecenter.org.