Virtual Science Symposium

Virtual Science Symposium
The International Air and Space Program Sponsored by AEXA
November 6-9, 2014


Space Center Houston will host its second annual Virtual Science Symposium November 6 -9, 2014.  The symposium is sponsored by The International Air and Space Program.  The comprehensive program will begin in July 2014.  Students will split up into teams comprised of 2-4 members and one teacher.  Each team will work on problem-based projects related to establishing the first permanent human settlement on Mars.  Students will be challenged to develop a thriving Mars community.

Participants will interact with experts through online coursework. The project will culminate in a visit to Space Center Houston in November 2014, where students will present their projects to a panel of expert judges; hear from STEM and aerospace speakers; and tour Johnson Space Center.

Team members of the winning projects will be awarded special prizes and will pass to the next phase of the program which is an impromptu challenge that will require an enormous amount of creativity and critical thinking skills.  All the participants will receive a Certificate of Completion at a special graduation ceremony. Students and teachers can register at: