Home School Day

Learning Starts at Home

Home studies take one giant leap during a special Home-School Day with a space twist called Red Dust Leading to Endless Possibilities 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 16. The event is part of a year-long schedule of exhibits and educational activities called “The Next Giant Leap” that explore what NASA is doing now and in the future.

Are your home-schooled students ready for the Next Giant Leap? This exclusive educational opportunity offers home-school families not just one, but multiple activities that use national science education standards. Unique because it uses space science as a theme, it features immersive, hands-on experiences for all grade levels. Workshops offer parents an opportunity to improve their teaching skills and include a Spanish-speaking trainer.

Participants will marvel as they create their own yummy edible comet – Comet Ice Cream. They will be inspired by the STEM-based planetarium presentation “From Blue to Red.” Other activities include Hula Hooping on Mars and Martian Dodge Ball – neither are easy when played at 38 percent gravity of Earth. Also Robotics on Mars including a workshop, rover races and more. Activities end at 4 p.m. and parents will have an extra hour to explore the center.

It’s every parent’s desire to prepare his or her child for the future workforce and Space Center Houston offers unique resources for home educator. These workshops will improve young minds to be tomorrow’s explorers.

Ticket prices:
$10.95 (purchased before Oct. 3) BEST PRICE
$12.95 (Oct. 3-15)
$22.95 Day of Event

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