Exploration Academy

Exploration Academy is a 16 week program split between two semesters (12 weeks in the fall, 4 weeks in the spring) for 5th – 8th grade students.  Students become part of the global community as they partner up with a school from a foreign country to help each other learn about the global issues of clean water, clean air, and renewable energy.  Activities include:

  • Build their own water filters and test them against natural filters and professional filters
  • Test air for pollution and develop ways to clean it up
  • Design, construct, and test various forms of “green” energy
  • Program designed for students who are struggling with science concepts
  • TEKS, NSS, NGSS Aligned

The class finishes with the students using the knowledge and skills they have learned to build a device to help their international friends clean up their water, air and energy.

2015-2016 School Year:

Fall Session: Sept. 8- Dec. 10, 2015

Spring Session: Jan. 5- Feb. 18, 2016

Make-up Dates:

Fall – Week of Dec. 15, 2015

Spring – Week of March 1, 2016

This experience is available to Public, Private, Charter and/or Home School Students

Contact Alice Walker at 281-283-4764 or awalker@spacecenter.org for more information.