Ages 9-11 Summer

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Individual day camps are $55 per day and weeklong day camps range from $200 to $300 each. Space Center Houston Members and NASA employees receive 10 percent off year-round by entering their special coupon code. Stay informed about upcoming events and special offers by signing up for our NetBlast newsletter.

Weeklong camps

3D For Real

July 27-31

The 3D printing revolution is here and it is amazing what can be done! The possibilities are endless on what you can do and it will change the way we think about finding things. Campers will learn how to create models on a computer in 3D. These models will then be transformed to a format that can be printed with our 3D printers. From the computer screen to a physical object it will amaze you!


Discovery Science Series Level III – New For 2015

June 8-12, June 22-26, July 6-10, July 20-24, Aug. 3-7

The all new Discovery Science Series combines our best age-appropriate single-day camps into one amazing weeklong adventure. The only summer camp experience designed to grow with your camper each year. This weeklong camp includes Aliens & Astronauts, Invention Dimension, Rover Run, Science Fiction Meets Space Realities II and Space Detectives.

Campers will discover what NASA has learned about life beyond Earth and they will experience the adventure of a galaxy far, far away. Enthusiastic explorers will learn the science of light as they construct their very own space saber and hovercraft. They also will become leaders in robotic engineering and forensic science as they discover the world of rovers and solve a real-life crime. Finally, they will discover many of the NASA inventions and see how they are used in everyday life.


Girl in science class

Explorations in Scratch Programming – New For 2015

July 27-31

Imaginations will run wild in this multimedia adventure. Scratch is a programming language that makes it easy to create interactive stories, animations, creative comics and games. Campers will learn drag and drop programming with Scratch (a project of the MIT Media Lab). Discover important mathematical and computational ideas, while also learning to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively. Computer characters are at their command!



Hero Science

June 29-July 3, Aug. 10-14

It’s a bird … it’s a plane … no it’s Superman! Discover the science behind The Man of Steel and other famous comic book heroes and villains. Explore how their powers could exist in the real world.



Junior Vet

June 29-July 3, July 27-31, Aug. 17-21

Calling all animal lovers. This new experience takes campers into the world of veterinary science as they learn what it is like to be a vet. Perform surgical dissections, learn to take vital signs, use scientific tools and techniques. Find out how these discoveries benefit human space exploration.
(Note: Animal dissections will be performed.)


Veterinary with kitten

Renewable Energy

July 13-17

Want to know what renewable energy is and how it works? While learning the basics of mechanical engineering, campers will design and build wind turbines using gears, motors and other materials. At the end of the week, campers will test their designs to compete for top energy generator!



Robotics Design & Programming

June 15-19

Utilizing the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 Base Set and Software, your child will overcome robotic engineering challenges throughout the week! Campers will design, build and program awe-inspiring robots using LEGO’s® most advanced and newest robotics technology – the powerful MINDSTORMS® EV3 system. This camp will have your child engineering cool robots and learning programming from day one!



Structural Engineering 101

June 22-26, Aug. 3-7

As civil and structural engineers, campers will use math, physics and problem-solving skills to design and build several structures and mechanisms that demonstrate real-world applications. Campers also will explore and experience force and motion, Newton’s Laws and gravity by building Rube Goldberg machines, rollercoasters and flying machines!



Individual camps

Aliens and Astronauts

June 8, 22; July 6, 20; Aug. 3

Humans wonder if they are alone in the universe and if life exists on other planets. Well, find out in this amazing camp what NASA has learned through high-tech telescopes and what it will look for on Mars. Join the quest for alien life in this thrilling camp!



Invention Dimension

June 10, 24; July 8, 22; Aug. 5

Step into a world of limitless imagination and discover the stories behind famous inventions. Learn about the many NASA inventions and see how they are used each and every day. This camp will stir your campers’ creative juices as they create their own inventions.



Rover Run

June 9, 23; July 7, 21; Aug. 4

Become a robotic rover engineer! Discover the world of robotics from their uses here on Earth to their uses on other planets. Become a leader in robotic engineering and enter the unusual world of rovers.



Science Fiction Meets Space Realities II

June 12, 26; July 10, 24; Aug. 7

In Science Fiction Meets Space Realities II, the adventure continues in “a galaxy far, far away.”  Campers will explore how lasers work and try to survive a laser battle. Days will be filled with discovery of the mysteries behind the force of magnets and by building and racing a vehicle without touching it. Your camper will learn about starships and speeders from “a long, long time ago,” and then apply that knowledge to build their own working hovercrafts.



Space Detectives

June 11, 25; July 9, 23; Aug. 6

Enter the dark yet mysterious world of forensics, the science of crime, while seeking to solve a real-life crime! Join a crime team and catch the culprit red-handed in this imaginative investigative camp.



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