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Time: 8:30am – 3:30pm

Price:  $55 per day for individual camps, $200 for weeklong camps, $300 for 3D Printing camp

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Have you ever wondered if we are alone in this universe? Are aliens real? Well find out in this amazing camp.  Discover what NASA has learned through high tech telescopes, what we are looking for on Mars and more! Join the quest for alien life in this thrilling camp!
June 13, July 16, 25, August 8


Step into a world of limitless imagination as you discover the stories behind famous inventions. Discover the many NASA inventions and see how you use them each and every day. Stir up your creative juices as you create an invention of your own!
June 20, 27, July 3, 24, August 14


Power up your engineering skills with LEGO®! Campers will take on real-life engineering challenges that explore concepts in physics and engineering through several challenges on our MARS robotic course.
June 19, July 24, August 22


In Return of the Force, the adventure continues in “a galaxy far, far away”.  Explore how lasers work, and try to survive a laser battle.  Discover the mysteries behind the force of magnets, by building and racing your own vehicle without touching it.  Learn about ships and speeders from “a long, long time ago”, and then apply that knowledge to build your own working hovercraft!
June 12, 26, 30, July 10, 18, August 1, 7, 15


Become a robotic rover engineer! Discover the world of robotics from their uses here on Earth to their uses on other planets.  Become a leader in robotic engineering as you enter the unusual world of rovers!
June 19, July 2, 11, 17, 31


Enter the dark and mysterious world of forensics, the science of crime, as you seek to solve a real life crime! Join our crime team and catch the culprit red-handed in our investigative camp.
June 20, July 1, 25, August 22


Campers will explore chemistry that appears to be caused by magic to the amateur eye. From acid & base reactions, to color changes, and states of matter transformations, campers will make observations in this cool camp about the everyday chemistry all around us.
June 27, July 17, 31, August 21

Weeklong Camps


Calling all campers…Got game? This camp combines creative learning with team based play as campers create their own games from SCRATCH!
June 9-13, July 7-11, August 11-15


It’s a bird…it’s a plane…no it’s Superman! Discover the science behind The Man of Steel and other favorite comic book heroes and villains. Explore how their powers could exist in the real world!
June 23-27, July 28-August 1


Want to develop the skills to become the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg?  Join this camp and learn the latest technology and experience the fun of sliding to learn.  You will also discover the newest apps, fun presentation programs, and the coolest digital tools for school.
August 4-8


Explore the world of technology and gain the essential skills needed for an increasingly digital world.  Blend the latest in technology learning with the excitement of gaming and programming.
June 16-20


With the partnership of Techno Chaos, the 3D printing revolution is here and it is amazing what can be done! The possibilities are endless on what you can do and it will change the way we think about finding things. Campers will learn how to create models on a computer in 3D. These models will then be transformed to a format that can be printed with our 3D printer. From the computer screen to a physical object it will amaze you! *Recommended for 10 and 11 year olds.
July 14-18


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