Ages 6-8

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Astronaut Training II

December 23, 30

How do astronauts train to go to space? Discover the physical health requirements for astronauts and tackle our “Astronaut Training” obstacle course. Train even more to take your first flight into space.  Conduct experiments, practice flying and landing the shuttle.



Circus Laboratory

December 29

Journey into the science behind some of the world’s greatest acrobatic feats; experience the best of both worlds– science and imagination. Discover how circus performers are able to walk a tight rope and swing through the air with the greatest of ease! Start clowning around in this fun and silly camp!



Facing Mars

December 22, 29

Want to know what the Red Planet is all about? Learn what it takes to land a rover safely on a surface of unknown terrain? What are “extremophiles” and why do they make us think that there may be life on Mars? In “Facing Mars”, campers will investigate the science and engineering needed to plan and execute their mission to Mars just like NASA!



May the Force Be With You

December 26, January 2

Experience a world from “a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away” as you explore the fun science behind light sabers, the force, and all the exciting movie magic.  Discover how NASA takes large screen ideas and makes them outer space reality.



Ooier Gooier Grosser and Slimier

December 26, 30

Behold young mad scientists: your Space Center Laboratory awaits you.  Get even messier as you continue your journey through the wonderful world of chemical science.  Use the power of electricity to amaze your friends, and gross out your family with Oobleck and more in this grosser and messier camp.



Rocket Combustion

December 22, January 2

Discover how rocket engines work and see some cool explosions! Explore the science of rocket engines and discover how they are used in NASA’s various space vehicles. Take your own spaceship home.



Stop! Drop! & Paint!

December 23

Get ready to have the time of your life as you use your hands and creative eye to make unbelievable artwork! Make 3-D art, dot art, printmaking and more! Dive into this cool camp, where it’s okay to get messy!



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