Ages 6-8 Summer

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Individual day camps are $55 per day and weeklong day camps range from $200 to $300 each. Space Center Houston Members and NASA employees receive 10 percent off year-round by entering their special coupon code. Stay informed about upcoming events and special offers by signing up for our NetBlast newsletter.

Weeklong camps

Discovery Science Series Level II – New For 2015

June 8-12, June 22-26, July 6-10, July 20-24, Aug. 3-7, Aug. 17-21

The all new Discovery Science Series combines our best age-appropriate single-day camps into one amazing weeklong adventure. The only summer camp experience designed to grow with your camper each year. This weeklong camp includes Astronaut Training II; Facing Mars; Ooier Gooier Gross & Slimier; Rocket Combustion and Science Fiction Meets Space Realities.

Campers will get even messier as they continue their journeys with chemistry. They will learn the fun science behind light sabers as they survive laser battles. They will learn what it takes to be an astronaut while planning and executing a mission to Mars just like NASA. They also will discover how rocket engines work and see some cool, yet safe, explosions!


Back to school concept

Houdini Science

July 6-10

Hocus pocus you say? We say science! Engage with a new world of mysteries and excitement while learning the science behind amazing magic and mind-reading secrets involving everyday objects. Campers will learn the “tricks-of-the-trade,” as well as gain exposure to the history of magic.


Robot magician

Stop! Drop! & Paint!

June 15-19, July 13-17, Aug. 10-14

Campers will have the time of their lives as they use their hands and creative eyes to make unbelievable art. From making 3-D art to learning about printmaking and more, your aspiring artist will dive hands first into this cool camp, where it is OK to get messy!



The Show Must Go On!

July 13-17, July 27-31

Curtains up! Rehearsal is over it’s time to have some fun while exploring the world of drama. Campers will encounter the different aspects of theater, such as acting, directing, costuming and more. Challenged to break out of their shells, they will realize their talents and belt one to the back row in this superb theater camp.



WeBotics – New For 2015

June 29- July 3, July 27-31

Are engineering techniques too complicated for your young campers? Not at Space Center Houston, where WeBotics, the exciting new summer camp introduces the exciting world of next-gen robotic design including concepts of gear use, pulleys and inclined planes. Campers will be challenged to use their imaginations while working as a team to complete an assigned mission.



Individual camps

Astronaut Training II

June 8, 22; July 6, 20; Aug. 3, 17

How do astronauts train to go to space? Discover the physical health requirements for astronauts and tackle the “Advanced Astronaut Training” obstacle course designed especially for older cadets. This experience is designed to challenge campers who will conduct experiments, practice flying as well as landing the space shuttle in preparation for their first flight into space.



Facing Mars

June 11, 25; July 9, 23; Aug. 6, 20

Want to know what the Red Planet is all about? Ready to learn what it takes to land a rover safely on the surface of an unknown terrain? What are “extremophiles” and why do they make scientists believe that there may be life on Mars? In “Facing Mars,” campers will investigate the science and engineering needed to plan and execute a mission to Mars, just like NASA.



Ooier Gooier Grosser and Slimier

June 10, 24; July 8, 22; Aug. 5, 19

Even more mad science awaits campers in the Space Center laboratory. Come explore the even weirder and more wonderful worlds of chemical science. Using the power of electricity, campers will amaze their friends and gross out their families with Oobleck and more in this grosser and messier camp.



Rocket Combustion

June 9, 23; July 7, 21; Aug. 4, 18

Campers will discover how rocket engines work and see some cool explosions! Explore the science of rocket propulsion and discover how NASA is testing various systems for future space vehicles. Campers will even build and be able to take home their own spaceship.



Science Fiction Meets Space Realities I

June 12, 26; July 10, 24; Aug. 7, 21

Your camper will experience worlds from a galaxy far, far away as they explore the fun science behind light sabers, energy fields and other exciting magical movie concepts. Discover how NASA takes large screen ideas and makes them outer space reality.



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