Ages 4-5 Summer

Save your place now for a fun summer camp!

Individual day camps are $55 per day and weeklong day camps range from $200 to $300 each. Space Center Houston Members and NASA employees receive 10 percent off year-round by entering their special coupon code. Stay informed about upcoming events and special offers by signing up for our NetBlast newsletter.

Weeklong camps

Discovery Science Series Level I – New For 2015

June 8-12, June 22-26, July 6-10, July 20-24, Aug. 3-7, Aug. 17-21

The all new Discovery Science Series combines our best age-appropriate single-day camps into one amazing weeklong adventure. The only summer camp experience designed to grow with your camper each year. This weeklong camp includes Astronaut Training I, Ooey Gooey Gross & Slimey, Robot Ruckus, Rocket Kids and Stop! Drop! & Paint!. Campers will train like an astronaut, explore the weird and wonderful world of chemistry while uncovering the mystery of Oobleck. Youngsters will get a little messy as they will conduct hands-on experiments and blastoff into the world of amazing science.



DuBotics – New For 2015

July 20-24

Even teeny tots can program bots. It is never too early to start developing the building blocks for engineering. All that is needed is an imagination to explore the technical playground of design. Campers will enjoy robotics projects with a theme of art, animation, story building, numeracy and team work.



Seuss Science

June 29-July 3, Aug. 10-14

There’s no place like space you say? Dr. Seuss is more than a master of rhymes. He makes science and space fun! Campers will experience the best of Dr. Seuss, gain a love for space and learn about the weather and how to make the world a better place. Dr. Seuss made this all possible with his masterful works.



Young Science Explorers

June 15-19

Get ready to explore science and nature, ask questions and find answers while learning about bugs, plant life and deep space.  Young campers will experience the excitement of science for the first time as they see the wonders that are all around.



Individual camps

Astronaut Training I

June 8, 22; July 6, 20; Aug. 3, 17

How do astronauts train to go to space? Discover the physical health requirements for astronauts and tackle our “Astronaut Training” obstacle course designed especially for young cadets. Find out how astronauts eat, sleep and shower in space.



Oooey Gooey Gross and Slimey

June 10, 24; July 8, 22; Aug. 5, 19

Behold, young mad scientists: The Space Center laboratory awaits. Come explore the weird and wonderful world of chemical science, experience the power of electricity, uncover the mystery of Oobleck and get a little messy with some cool hands-on experiments.



Robot Ruckus

June 12, 26; July 10, 24; Aug. 7, 21

Power up and enter the world of robots. Campers will discover how NASA uses robots to help explore the solar system. They will build a robotic rover and even enjoy a little robot-style dancing!



Rocket Kids

June 9, 23; July 7, 21; Aug. 4, 18

3 … 2 … 1 … blast -off! Campers will launch air, water and balloon rockets, build their own rocket racers and participate in rocket relays. Explore behind the scenes on a tour to NASA’s Rocket Park to see the Saturn V rocket — the largest ever built — that blasted the first Apollo astronauts into space!



Stop! Drop! & Paint!

June 11, 25; July 9, 23; Aug. 6, 20

Young campers will have the time of their lives as they use their hands and creative eye to make unbelievable artwork. From stirring up a bucket of primary colors to checking out prisms and kaleidoscopes, this camp promotes creativity and personal expression.



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