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Time: 8:30am – 3:30pm

Price:  $55 per day for individual camps, $200 for weeklong camps

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How do astronauts train to go to space? Discover the physical health requirements for astronauts and tackle our “Astronaut Training” obstacle course; designed especially for young cadets.  Find out how astronauts eat, sleep, and shower in space.
June 9, 24, July 1, 14, 29, August 4, 12, 19


Get an up close look at a bug’s life and find out how creepy crawlers eat, sleep, and play!
June 11, July 8, August 20


Behold young mad scientists; your Space Center laboratory awaits you. Come explore the weird and wonderful world of chemical science, experience the power of electricity, uncover the mystery of Oobleck and get a little messy with some cool hands-on experiments of your own.
June 10, July 2, 15, 28, August 5, 11


Power up and enter the world of robots.  Discover how NASA uses robots to help explore the solar system, build a robotic rover, and enjoy a little robot style dancing!
June 25, July 3, August 13


1…2…3…Blast-Off! Campers will launch air, water, and balloon rockets; build their own rocket racer; and participate in rocket relays! Campers will take a tour to Rocket Park to see NASA’s model of the Saturn V rocket that blasted the first Apollo astronauts into space!
June 18, 23, 30, July 9, 22, 30, August 6


Get ready to soar with the Space Racers! Based on the new, original half-hour series on PBS; follow young spaceship cadets at the Stardust Space Academy as they soar through the solar system exploring everything from the earth, moon, stars, and space flight to how craters are formed on Mars. Campers will create their very own moon phase flipbook, build craters on Mars, and craft their own telescope to explore the stars! Space Racers tap into the campers’ curiosity and excitement about space and discovery!
June 16, July 3, 8, 21, August 14


Get ready to have the time of your life as you use your hands and creative eye to make unbelievable artwork! Stir up a bucket of primary colors and check out prisms and kaleidoscopes.
June 17, July 23, August 18

Weeklong Camps


“A” is for astronaut, “B” is for blast-off , “C” is for cosmos…but that’s not all there is to know about space. Learn about the solar system and what it takes to travel in outer space. Campers will use all their senses to explore Earth and beyond.
July 7-11, July 28-August 1


In the jungle, the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight… or does he? Find out what animals do in their natural habitat. Explore the outdoors and get up close and personal with different animals such as birds, deer, fish, and more! Become one with nature and join this organic camp!
June 16-20


There’s no place like space you say? Dr. Seuss is more than a master of rhymes.  He makes science and space fun! Students will experience the best of Dr. Seuss; gain a love for space; learn about the weather and how to make the world a better place.  Dr. Seuss makes this all possible with his masterful works.
June 9-13; July 21-25


Grab your lab coat and get ready to explore science and nature! Ask questions and find answers.  Learn about bugs, plant life and space. Experience the excitement of science that is all around you.
June 23-27, July 14-18

denotes full camp

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