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Time: 8:30am – 3:30pm

Price:  $300 for weeklong camps

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Weeklong Camps


As an aeronautics specialist, the campers will investigate the principles of flight. They will build and test several flying machines such as hot air balloons, airplanes, rockets and helicopters!
July 21-25


Campers will work together to design, build, test, and redesign underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) robot and learn the basic engineering and science concepts with a marine engineering theme. Throughout the project, students will learn problem-solving, teamwork and technical applications.
June 23-27


You have all seen the popular TV show CSI, but have you ever wondered what really happens to the evidence collected from the real crime scene? Where does it go, how does it tell its story, and most importantly, how can it be used to solve the crime? With SCH Forensic Science Camp, all of these questions will be answered. Campers will get the opportunity to investigate a cold case file. They will use the same scientific methods as crime labs to investigate and solve their case. Here is your chance to become the scientist that actually analyzes the evidence and uses it to solve the crime.
August 11-15

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