Audio Tour

The Award Winning Astronaut Audio Tour will help guide you through the Space Center Houston exhibits. The tour is narrated by John Glenn, Gene Cernan, Alan Bean, Gene Kranz, Shannon Lucid, Eileen Collins, Barry Corbin, And more.

The audio tour is designed to provide an insight into the real space pioneers who made the dream a reality. Walk with people who have dedicated their life to exploring space.

We offer different audio tours for adults and children. Choose the tour best suited for you by pressing a number on your players keypad. Also, we now have audio guides available in Spanish.

Learning our space history is the best way to prepare for the future.

Adult Samples:

Gene Cernan, the last man on the moon talks about the Apollo 17 capsule. Click here for sample

Eileen Collins, the first female pilot and shuttle commander, in the Space Shuttle Cockpit mockup. Click here for sample

Child Sample:

Ed White, on Gemini V, the first spacewalk by an American. Click here for sample