Astronaut's Son to Make Spaceflight History

Richard Garriott was recently at Space Center Houston while training for his mission to the International Space Station set to launch in October.  Who is Richard Garriott?  He is a video game pioneer and son of record-setting astronaut Owen Garriott who flew on board Skylab in 1973 and again on the Shuttle for Skylab-1 in 1983.

As the saying goes, like father, like son;  Richard Garriott’s travels  will make history  as he becomes the first second-generation astronaut to fly in space for the United States.  He will be launched on the Russian Soyuz rocket spacecraft with his destination being the International Space Station.

Richard will being carrying  some very special cargo with him on his mission, which includes digital DNA from some special select gaming fans! Want to know  how you can leave your mark in spaceflight history?  To find out how and to watch the full interview with Richard filmed inside the Skylab trainer here at Space Center Houston, just follow the link below.

You can also visit Richard’s website that covers all his preparations for space flight and much more at: