Astronauts & Autographs

(above: STS-123 crew take a break to take a group shot aboard the ISS)

The astronauts from NASA’s Space Shuttle mission STS-123 were honored April 30 at Space Center Houston in a de-briefing open to the public. Family, friends and space enthusiasts watched highlights from the mission from launch to landing. STS-123 set a record for a shuttle’s longest stay at the International Space Station with 15 days, 18 hours, 12 minutes an 27 seconds. After awards and a slideshow of out-of-this-world images, the astronauts signed autographs for smiling space fans. Welcome home guys!

(below: Astronauts sign autographs for fans at Space Center Houston)

TRIVIA: How many more Space Shuttle flights remain until the Shuttle is retired in 2010?