Judy Giles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Judy was the proud recipient of the Space Center Houston Crew Member of the Month Award for June. Judy is a member of the Operations team in Guest Services.

Judy’s Nomination Highlights:

  • Judy is always eager to learn new things and was RECENTLY PROMOTED to Training Lead.
  • Judy consistently strives to provide excellent customer service for our guests.
  • Judy has not only worked hard for guest services, but also does an amazing job in the education department as an education instructor.
  • Judy always has a smile for her fellow crew members.

“Judy has one of the most positive attitudes I’ve ever seen. She is extremely hard working. She was promoted from ticket seller to Back-up Lead pretty quickly-because of her willingness to take on new tasks and her positive attitude. She has recently been invited to join the Training Lead Team. This means that she will oversee all of the training of new and exsisting crew members for the Guest Services rotation. This is a very big job which is detail oriented, but Judy as proven herself worthy of the the task.”

– Operations Supervisor Erin Kerry

Congratulations Judy, thanks for setting such a good example and being a positive role model for all of the Space Center Houston Team! Enjoy your award!