747 Shuttle Carrier Project


Exciting changes are in progress at Space Center Houston!  Recently, NASA officially transferred ownership of the iconic Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA-905) to Space Center Houston, and we are building a new $12 million complex that will feature the full-scale Space Shuttle model and 747 Carrier in classic piggyback configuration.


Texas’ newest landmark will pay tribute to Houston’s leading role in the legendary Space Shuttle program and provide an up-close experience that will educate and inspire visitors of all ages.  The Shuttle and 747 Carrier will give visitors the world’s first and only all-access pass to an authentic and realistic journey through the inside of the  Shuttle Carrier Aircraft as well as an unforgettable experience aboard the full-scale Shuttle model.  The up- close and personal access to American aviation history will reveal the Space Shuttle program’s amazing ingenuity, clever innovation and awe-inspiring complexity.

In addition, Space Center Houston plans to utilize the Shuttle and 747 Carrier to add new educational programs to its already impressive arsenal of award-winning activities as part of its ongoing mission to inspire students to pursue careers in the field of math and science.

Once the massive undertaking of getting the iconic airplane from Ellington Field to Space Center Houston is completed by November 2013 and the Shuttle model has been mounted, the six-story, $12 million complex is expected to open to the public in February 2015.


  • JSC designed the innovative modifications in 1976, to carry the Shuttles from coast to coast.
  • SCA-905 was used over 250 times to test & ferry all 6 orbiters across the US (1977–2012).
  • Speed: Mach 0.6 (397 knots, 457 mph, 735 km/h)
  • Length: 231 ft, 10 in
  • Wingspan: 195 ft, 8 in
  • Height: 63 ft , 5 in

Max Landing Weight: 600,000 lb

Help us bring the Legacy home!

Would you like to play a role in bringing this historic landmark to Houston?  Please fill out the information below and a Space Center representative will contact you with the many opportunities available. Thank you for your support.