20th Annual Space Exploration Educators Conference


The three day SEEC will offer 140 hands-on teacher training sessions led by teachers, NASA engineers, and experts in the field. The conference is a leading source for cross-curricular, space-based activities for the classroom. This year nearly 400 participants are traveling from 39 states and 9 countries to take part in the conference.

Dan Rather

Legendary journalist Dan Rather will open this year’s SEEC, offing a unique point of view on the history of space exploration. He’ll share that story at 8 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 6.

“Human exploration of the cosmos is one of the great stories of all time,” said Rather, the keynote speaker SEEC. “I’ve been lucky and privileged to cover it since the first Sputnik was launched. I have stories to share, possibilities and visions to outline.”

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