Can you hold your breath for 7 minutes?

This infographic depicts the suspenseful 7 minutes it takes for Curiosity (Mars Science Laboratory) to get from the top of Mars’ atmosphere to its surface. Join us for the live landing of the Mars Science Laboratory, Curiosity on August 5th.  Doors open at 9pm.  Event tickets are only $4.95 when you buy online, $9.95 at […]

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The Jellyfish Nebula

Image Credit: Bob Franke (Click to enlarge) (Via Astronomy Picture of the Day) Normally faint and elusive, the Jellyfish Nebula is caught in this alluring, false-color, telescopic view. Flanked by two bright stars, Mu and Eta Geminorum, at the foot of a celestial twin, the Jellyfish Nebula is the brighter arcing ridge of emission with dangling tentacles below and right of […]

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